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Design Warehouse is a fully integrated media & printing services company.

We strive to find the harmony between identity, communication, interaction and design in our creative projects. We understand your goals, both long term and short term, and effectively transform your vision into spectacular media and new media campaigns.


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We judge the industry, look at client goals and problems and suggest ways to make the website and business run more smoothly, with regards to an effective online presence. We take the time to understand how the clients business operates and formulate a plan to design and develop the best website within the clients industry.

Project Planning

Once we start working with a client we create a comprehensive plan for the website. The plan will specify what we have learned & exactly what we will create for them. It outlines the milestones and deadlines our design & development team will meet & what we will need from the client in terms of information, graphics, site copy, and more.

Development & Design

Our designers & developers get into the details of the development of the website site. We will communicate with the client the progress & status of the project. We get your approval on site layouts, user interaction, graphics created, etc. During the process the clients is very much a part of the development team, so that when completed, the site is everything the client expected & more.


Our team then places the code and designs we have created on our staging server. Here is where we test and make sure that what we created works as promised. We test the interaction, the design, the interface and more to be sure that we deliver on the client’s goals. Until the site is approved and running the way it should be, we do not launch. The final website delivered to the client will be error free and perfect.

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